More Paul Normansell:

Elvis Costello
Gloss Painted Dots On Aluminium
21cm x 28.5cm

I just happened upon this artist today for the first time, and i gotta say I'm kinda liking it.
I too love to paint celebrities although I would argue for different reasons it seems. I wish to visualize an intense emotional component in a person's expression by doing so with the touch of a brush. I feel that our emotional trigger can be pulled tighter in a painting than in real life. What a better way to expose the rawest of all emotions then when a person is captured on camera or film, a feeling or a look which is only captured in the still of a moment. Even better is when that image is translated through the physicality of the human touch weather it be with paint or whatever other material.


An Artist after my own Heart:

It's Easy It's unoriginal but It's hard not to like.

Artist Paul Normansell is 'dotty' about celebrities

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Paul Normansell

Paul Normansell of the day:

Artist Paul Normansell is dotty about celebrities

Banksy of the Day:

Schiele of the Day:

Egon Schiele

Self Promotion of the Day:

78 x 58 inches
oil on canvas

Kristie Eden
, 2008

Come Visit my open studio for the last time this Friday the 3rd of July.
Location: SOWA Located in Boston's South End.


Francis Bacon - On Life, Death, and Gambling:

To funny not to post:

Thank God this guy is gone!

Also at the Gagosian: Go Figure

Gagosian Gallery: Go Figure (installation view)

Gerhard Richter
Deck Chair II, 1965
Oil on canvas
39 1/4 x 78 3/8 inches (99.7 x 199.1 cm)

Jeff Koons
Pam, 2001
Oil on canvas
108 x 84 inches (274.3 x 213.4 cm)


Warhol @ Gagosian:


Walking Torso, 1977
Synthetic polymer paint and silkscreen ink on canvas
50 x 40 1/8 inches (127 x 101.9 cm)

Go Figure
@ Gagosian Gallery
980 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10075
Tel 212.744.2313 Fax 212.772.7962
Tue-Sat 10-6

Banksy of the Day:

I Heart New York:

Shadow art:

Images via: http://www.pantherhouse.com/

British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster play with the viewer's perception.
Most notable pieces created...

"...from piles of rubbish, with light projected against them to create a
shadow image entirely different to that seen when looking directly at the
deliberately disguised pile."
Quote via: http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/

Action Artist: Lei Wei

Image via: http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/

sing Various tools including wire and other material
Lei Wei manages to create the most jaw dropping photographic
scenes as to portray a metaphor for how he see's society - "lack of
security living in the modern world"

Iran Inside Out: At the Chelsea Art Museum

Pooneh Maghazehe, Hell's Puerto Rico Performance Still, Digital C-print 2008 copyright artist and courtesy
Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery

Influences of Homeland and Diaspora
on the Artistic Language of 56 Contemporary Iranian Artists

Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath.



What would Warhol do?

In our current society we an American people (as well as countless
other countries throughout the world) celebrate the culture of celebrity more so than ever.
So... I pose the question: If Andy Warhol were alive today
what kind of Art could he make that would manage to shock
the current celebrity gossip addict?

New York Street Art of the Day:

Shepard Fairey on Broome Street, between The Bowery
and Elizabeth Street, downtown New York City.

© Ivan Corsa Photo - Street Art Images


Iranian Underground Art:

Info: Film Report Magazine Cover Designs / 33 Issues (1999-2000) / Client : GOF

Iranian Artist of the Day: Samira Abbassy

Bird's of Intoxication, 2006

Infidelity, 2009
Oil on gesso panel
18 x 14 in

With all the hatred and sickening Violence in Iran,
it's nice to see Artist's turning something so horrid
into something so beautiful.



Micheal Jackson of the day:

Thought this was an intriguing find.

Michael Jackson's Patented Dance Shoes:

Jeff Koons: Let me count the error of your way's

Jeff Koons
Pink Panther. (1988.)
Porcelain, 41 x 20 1/2 x 19" (104.1 x 52.1 x 48.2 cm).
One of an edition three.
Fractional gift of Werner and Elaine Dannheisser

Jeff Koons
"Michael Jackson and Bubbles"
Porcelain/Ceramic blend
40 x 70.5 x 32.5 inches

A (Good) Jeff Koons Experience:

You know what? I liked this work by
Jeff Koons that I found gloriously
Decorating The Metropolitan Museum's
lovely Rooftop Bar in New York City earlier this year.
Indeed it is very Aesthetically Pleasing.
Usually I am not a fan..

Francis Bacon:

Now this is an Artist I would have over for dinner.
Too bad he is no longer with us.

Egon Schiele:

The World Heart's Warhol:

I Heart Frida Khalo:

Frida Khalo greatly influenced my Artistic beginnings.

Ahhhhh Degas:

Edgar Degas.

Banksy of the day:

I Heart John Currin:

Like this Artist? See more here:

Self Portrait:

Self Portrait
Kristie Eden
40 x 48 inches
Oil on Canvas


Kristie Eden

My Wall Mural: Paparazzi

Kristie Eden 2008.


More Banksy:

Banksy Versus Bristol Museum:

Like Banksy I too am from England. I have however lived in America
for many years now so I am deeply disappointed to learn that his new show is in Bristol, England and i won't be able to see it. Luckily we have
the internet to provide images of these much missed occasions, and in turn
my visual senses are overjoyed. I think Banksy is one of the most honest
Artist's of my generation. Even though he remains anonymous (which is
a little bit of a cop out in my opinion) the name Banksy is now a name
which every young artist has heard of unless they have been living under a
rock. So if you do not know who Banksy is then you can check out more of his work here: http://www.banksy.co.uk/